No matter how you integrate KOMOJU, you will interact with payments either directly or indirectly. Even integrations using our e-commerce plugins like Shopify and WooCommerce create payments under the hood, and those payments can be queried and interacted with via our API.

A payment represents money collected from one of your customers. At a minimum, every payment has an amount and currency. The full list of attributes can be found on Payment: Show.

Payment Statuses

Payments have a read-only status field that tells you whether or not money has been collected.

Payment statusMeaning
pendingA payment has been initiated but not confirmed. Pending payments await customer action.
authorizedTwo possible meanings, depending on the type of payment.

1. For long-form async payment methods (konbini, bank_transfer, payeasy), authorized payments are reserved but awaiting customer action (e.g. waiting for customer to go to the store and pay cash).

2. For all other payment methods, authorized refers to credit card authorization. This is where the funds are in your control, but haven't left the customer's account yet. These authorized payments are awaiting merchant action (e.g. merchant performs a manual capture when goods are shipped).
capturedPayment was successful. The money will be transferred to your bank account next settlement.
refundedThe payment was completed, but has been fully refunded. Note that partially refunded payments remain captured.
cancelledThe payment was actively cancelled by either the merchant or the customer.
expiredPayment was pending or authorized with no action for too long.

Payment details (advanced integrations only)

In KOMOJU we use the term "payment details" (payment_details in the API) to refer to any information specific to one payment method. For example, a credit card payment has the card number, expiration date, etc, while konbini payments need to know which store the customer will pay at. This information is all "payment details".

In the API, payment_details is used for

If are using the Hosted Page or Hosted Fields, you do not need to interact with payment details.

Payment attribute descriptions

Please refer to Payment: Attribute description for the details.